Social Class and Popular Mobilisation in Chile: 1970 -1973

Por Alan Angell (Oxford University)

RESUMEN: The Popular Unity (UP) government of President Salvador Allende in Chile from 1970 to the coup of September 1973 attracted international interest. The UP government was a rare example of an attempt to combine structural reform with institutional and constitutional legality. It offers a case study of the problems attendant upon a process of profound economic,
social and political reform intent upon transference of state power from one class to another. The questions provoked by the UP experience touch upon central issues of political debate. How far and how fast can a political system absorb profound change and yet remain a parliamentary and constitutional democracy? How do social classes react under conditions ofeconomic crisis and political stress? Is it possible for a radical governmentto win over the hostile middle sectors in order to gain majority support?

DESCARGAR: Social Class and Popular Mobilisation (Alan Angell, en ingles)

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